June 2023

Mega-quake March 2011, Tohoku, Japan.

By Siti Noor Aliza Apandi 28 June 2023 Japan is one of the most industrial leaders in the world, with the most advancedtechnologies. Despite the stable country, Japan is no stranger to earthquakes occurrencesbecause of the country location is along the Pacific Ring of Fire which earthquake and volcaniceruption frequently happen. The ring is consist …

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Toward Sustainability World?

Author: Siti Noor Aliza Apandi Date: 8 June 2023 Today many organizations, industrial sectors, businesses, and companies agreed to accept their roles not to harm the environment, either by undergoes decarbonize or waste management in manufacturing facilities. Prime minister of United States, Biden, is very ambitious to reduce the greenhouse gasses emission by 50% in …

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