A Brief Way to Amzar Zafri.

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Inspired from a Quote by Adam Berlin in his book entitled ‘Number of Missing’: “Let’s take a walk, you can show me some of your stories and I’ll show you some of mine.” So here is a little bit about Amzar Zafri.

  • He is a OSH Junior Lecturer here in the Faculty of Health Science, someone who is a lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things especially that are related to his interested subject matter; Environmental Health & Management and Industrial Hygiene.
  • Graduated his first degree in Bachelor of Environmental Health and Safety (Hons.), UiTM and currently pursuing Master’s Degree in Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering at University Malaya (UM).
  • Briefly worked as HSE Engineer/Executive in one of the Malaysia’s Chlor-Alkali Chemical Plant, also at one of the 4-stars Hotel located in Putrajaya.
  • He is a Matcha-freak guy and an avid for seafoods. He enjoys sci-fi movies and exploring nature through hiking!

Expect his writings on Environmental-related issues in this blog and he would love to have mutual engagement. Find him at amzar@smartcollege.edu.my

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