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My life is as usual as other people. I was born, I entered school, studied till mid 20s and started working soon after. My name is Sharifah Nur Amirah S. Agil. I am currently a language lecturer at Smart College. I have been here around 1 year and I have taught various batches from various faculties.  

After graduating from SPM, I completed my diploma in TESL at KUPTM and continued my undergraduate studies in English and Communication at UCSI University. After some time working, I further my studies in English Language Studies at UM. Although my tertiary education revolves mostly English Language, I am always open to explore other fields of knowledge. I believed knowledge is always available when you seek them. Google what you want to know, have new hobbies and find refreshing leisure pursuit. Know that no knowledge is a waste.  


Amirah Agil

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