Advertising’s Role in Product Promotion

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The 5 role of advertising in promotion of the product are as follows:

1. Awareness – One of the important functions of advertising is to increase awareness of products or services, such as brand names and prices. The visibility of products or services can be enhanced by highlighting the unique features of the brand. Nowadays, due to fierce competition, this is not only sufficient to create awareness, but also requires the highest level of awareness.

2. Information – Advertising helps inform the target audience of the product. Providing information is closely related to building product awareness. Potential customers must understand the product, such as product features and uses. Product information is very much needed, especially when the product is put on the market or when the product is modified. Correct product information can help consumers make purchasing decisions.

3. Persuasion – When businesses sell similar goods, they must not only educate consumers about the availability of the product but also convince them to purchase it. Marketers attempt to persuade consumers that their goods are superior to those existing on the market by using compelling advertisements. Persuasion can be accomplished by innovative promotional messages, product demonstrations, and other methods.

4. Attitudes – To construct or reinforce attitudes in the minds of the target audience, promotion is necessary. Marketers hope that their target audience will cultivate a positive attitude toward their products. Increased sales are aided by a positive attitude toward the brand. The marketer can correct negative attitudes toward the product, if any, using promotional strategies such as ads.

5. Brand Loyalty – Advertising aids in the creation of brand loyalty. Return sales and favorable recommendations to others are the products of brand loyalty. Brand loyalty can be developed through sales promotion, aggressive personal selling, timely and productive direct marketing, and other techniques.

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