Best mechanism of incident reporting: Guidelines

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An incident reporting can be defined as an official recording of the facts related to an incident on the worksite. An incident is broadly defined as any event or accident that leads to personnel injury or damage to equipment or property.[1]

The unfortunate events can occur at any time and place regardless of the numerous precautions steps taken by any person. Hence, in order to ensure the incident been reported in a proper manners an achieve the objective of an incident report. It is crucial for a person or the related individual to understand the objective of an incident report as follows:-

  1. To prevent more serious accidents
  2. To improve other health & safety measures in the workplace
  3. To save time and resources
  4. To protect the company
  5. To boost overall well-being of staff

The steps that should be taken in reporting the incident as follows[2]:-

  1. Take immediate action
  2. The person directly involved in the incident, or that person’s immediate manager should raise an incident report
  3. Report to the authorities
  4. Investigate and develop corrective actions
  5. Conduct a root cause analysis
  6. Record the details

[1]Jamie Griffiths,


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