Introduction to Criminal Law

Civil Negligence vs Criminal Negligence

A survey has been conducted by DPM 5 students under the subject Introduction to Criminal Law. Question posed to the respondents on “How is civil negligence different from criminal negligence”. All of respondents agreed that civil negligence differ from criminal negligence. Reference is made to the article Punitive Justice in the Malaysian Criminal Law written …

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Criminalise Stalking Now!

If your boyfriend or girlfriend just dumped you, but you still care of them. You call and text your ex numerous times a day or perhaps you follow them around. It seems like a typical, innocent heartbreak, but beware, you could be a stalker. Stalking is a form of harassment, where a person is repeatedly …

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Corporate Liability in Malaysia

Corporate liability outlines the extent to which a corporation as a legal body can be made liable for the wrongdoings of the natural persons it employs. Corporate liability rules had emerged from the English   case of Lennard’s Carrying Co. Ltd v Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd. The facts of the case stated that a corporate ship-owner …

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