How to achieve company-wide buy-in of your organization’s safety program.

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Sources: EHS Today

Implement a safety incentive program. Mellard recommends utilizing a rewards program where gift cards and other apparel are awarded for following safety protocols. This helps to show employees—and their families—that safety behavior is valued and rewarded. The program should be simple, and rewards should be given often since safety behavior needs to be repeated daily.

Take an individual approach. While Mellard recommends a rewards program, he emphasizes that nothing beats a personalized approach. Employees need to feel heard and have an open forum where they can discuss safety issues freely and directly. It’s important that this communication is not blame-focused and is nonpunitive.

Enforce safety measures. It’s one thing to have a written policy; it’s another to actually enforce the policy. Employees need to know that safety is an enforced priority for upper management. Ropel recommends giving employees and field leaders ownership to help develop and enforce the policies. This way, everyone knows they have a voice, and it will be heard.

Write checklists. Integrating checklists is an extremely effective tool in creating employee buy-in. Safety solutions can allow for company-wide monitoring; audit and safety scheduling; push reminders; user specific dashboards; and more. This helps to ingrain a safety focus into everyday work and turn safety procedures into a routine part of the workday.

Use behaviour-based approach

Written by, Miss Oumsree Ananthakumarl

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