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Hi everyone. I am Ms. Farah, a lecturer from Faculty of Crime and Investigation at SMART College. Here is my biography.

Name: Siti Farah Quraishia Binti Samrah
DOB: 7th April 1991
Origin: Temerloh, Pahang
Education background: Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Forensic Science), Universiti Sains Malaysia and Master of Science (Forensic Science) (Major in DNA Profiling), Universiti Sains Malaysia
Hobby: Fishing
Faculty: Faculty of Crime and Investigation
Subjects teaching: Crime Scene Investigation, Safety Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Introduction to Investigation, Malaysian Studies and Introduction to Forensic Science.
I feel so blessed for: My family, friends and my baby (I love you, Nadien!). Not to forget my lovely students 😀

Ms. Farah

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