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“No known roof is as beautiful as the skies above.” – Michael O’Muircheartaigh

Hi everyone 🙂 It’s me, Ms Syafiqah. I am here to share about the thing that I’m obsessed with. Yes, you guess it right. The sky! I’ve been having this obsession since my degree study in Sarawak. If you haven’t know already, Sarawak has the most breathtaking sky especially during the sunset. Let’s have a look at some that I’ve captured <3

Though these photos can’t beat seeing the real thing in person but they are still astonishingly beautiful right?

Life as a university student wasn’t always easy. At times, I felt stressed with assignments, due dates and classes. But then I finally found the way to reduce the overwhelm. I found something therapeutic in skygazing. Every time I look up, I feel re-set, relaxed and happy. Dear students, you must try this sometimes 😉

Here, here. I have some more to show you.

“The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there.” – K. D. Lang

I guess that’s it about my obsession. So what’s yours? 😉

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