New Workplace Mental Health Ally Certificate Aims to Destigmatize Mental Health

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“We want all employees to realize their full potential—to be well both physically and mentally,’ said Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., CEO, SHRM.

New Workplace Mental Health Ally Certificate Aims to Destigmatize Mental Healtho Destigmatize Mental Health in the Workplace

Many businesses have improved or created new mental health initiatives to assist employees in dealing with the pandemic. It became clear as a result that many people still find it difficult to talk about mental health. The Workplace Mental Health Ally Certificate was created in collaboration with Psych Hub to combat the stigma that still persists in the workplace. The project was created to help firms develop a more comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing by removing the stigma associated with mental health in the workplace and fostering an organisational culture where mental health can be discussed openly. “People are our most valuable asset, and our culture has stigmatised mental health for far too long, and this is a serious problem for our families, communities, and workplaces,” said Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM’s CEO, at SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, when announcing the certificate.

Employee retention, work satisfaction, productivity, and overall success are all dependent on employee mental health and wellness, according to Taylor. “We want all of our employees to achieve their maximum potential—to be physically and mentally healthy.” The Workplace Mental Health Ally Certificate is an online learning programme that consists of eight multimedia courses that cover topics such as common mental health issues, substance abuse, suicide, safety planning, diversity and bias, and communication skills. HR professionals will gain additional information and abilities after finishing the class, allowing them to better create empathy and support the mental health and wellness of their employees and coworkers.

The learning programme is approved for seven professional credits and provides evidence-based training with shared resources (PDCs). Psych Hub gives you access to a growing library of shareable learning and instructional materials created by clinical specialists once you’ve completed the certification. “To tackle the worldwide mental health problem, everyone has a responsibility to play. We’re able to generate evidence-based information specifically targeted to HR professionals and people managers because of our affiliations with prominent organisations like SHRM and SHRM Foundation “Psych Hub’s CEO, Marjorie Morrison, commented “Trained HR professionals can play a significant role in altering the workplace and addressing employee mental health and well-being in an appropriate manner.”

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