Recognizing situation involve Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is the violence or other abuse in domestic setting such as in marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence is often used as synonym for intimate partner violence which is committed by person in power in an intimate relationship against another person. This can relate with spouses or partner and include former spouse or partner. It takes multiple forms including physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, reproductive and sexual abuse.  This range can be in coercive forms to marital rape and to violent physical abuse such as choking, beating and acid throwing that results in disfigurement or death.

According Malaysia act, Domestic Violence Act 1994 state that domestic violence means the commission of one or more of violence act. The first act is the offender willfully or attempting until the victim in fear of physical injury. The offender also causing physical injury to the victim which can result in physical injury. There is so many cases that relate to this physical violence and this violence are the most common violence. The next act is the offender compelling the victim by force or threat to engage in any conduct in sexual which the victim has a right to abstain. For example, of this act the offender force his/her partner to having sex while the victim is not ready or not willing. There also another example such as the husband wants to having sex with his wife or partner during his wife or partner still having period or menstrual. This also can happen in marriage and this action is been call as rape marriage. Another of domestic violence that rarely be discuss in public is the offender causing mischief or destruction or damage to property with the intent to cause distress or annoyance to the victim. The example for this violence, the offender may use their partner name for guarantor applying loans. Then the offender did not pay the loans or left the partner to pay the loans. Sometimes its can be for personal loans. The offender takes all the money and left the partner. Other than that, another act for domestic violence is psychological abuse which includes emotional injury to the victim. This violence may not see by short period but may affect long term period to the victim. Example of this act may see from the offender use to called harsh word and jealousy to the partner. The jealousy may take action in many ways such as forbidden their partner to mingle around with others people and controlling their partner.

If you guys seen anyone that having in those situations you can reach out to Talian Nur 15999, or NGO that helps women in trouble such domestic violence such as Women’s Centre for Change, Women’s Aid Organization and All Women’s Action.

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