SAFETY TECHNOLOGY Using Safety Technology to Measure Physical Distance

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Siemens has developed a unique workplace distancing solution that helps manufacturers to simulate and manage employee exposure risks while enabling productivity throughout their facilities.

The pandemic made it quite clear that there will soon be a new normal for manufacturers. As such, manufacturers are facing an array of challenges as they begin the process of restarting regular operations. While figuring out and ultimately navigating this new operational reality, manufacturers must consider additional dimensions of employee safety, including the establishment of production environments and workflows that address physical distancing requirements.

Combining proven hardware and software, Siemens has created a new solution that enables companies to quickly and efficiently model how employees interact with each other, the production line, and plant design. The new solution also enables organizations to build an end-to-end digital twin, in order to simulate worker safety, iterate on and optimize workspace layouts and validate safety and efficiency measures to help future-proof production lines.

With Siemens’ SIMATIC Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), companies can continuously measure distances between workers, provide real-time visual feedback to employees regarding their spacing from others and create a log of all movements and interactions over time. In this way, the Siemens’ SIMATIC RTLS continuously facilitates safe distancing while providing numerous additional benefits. 

And as the code of crisis subsides, these technologies and tools can be redeployed in general manufacturing infrastructure. As such, this is not a technology, specifically for COVID-19. Instead, it’s a technology that that has been adapted for COVID-19 for social distancing. This technology typically handles asset tracking, work in progress, logistics and applications production control, making it a technology manufacturers can utilize to optimize their processes.

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Miss Oumsree Ananthakumarl

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