The life of a celebrity bodyguard: from protecting Michael Jackson to acting with Robert Downey Jr

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Simon Newton is a former bodyguard who has spent many years protecting the rich
and famous stars such as Michael Jackson, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora and Bella
Hadid is now a striving actor starring in films alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr
and playing Dave Bautista’s body double. Besides acting, Newton now owns a
private security company, Askari Secure which is based in London.

Simon Newton man behind Askari Secure | IBG News
Simon Newton

He was previously a member of the British Army and was stationed in Iraq during the
2003 war. After helping out with private security companies who were rebuilding the
area and protecting workers, Simon got the golden opportunities to protect the
world’s biggest superstar, Michael Jackson.

Celeb bodyguard goes from protecting Bella Hadid to the big screen
Simon Newton with Michael Jackson

Simon said people usually assumed that stars bodyguard probably living the same
life as the celebrity but he assures that it is not like any of it. Bodyguard do get food
and accommodation when they go out and about and being taken care of but they
need to constantly working at all-time such as waking up before the client and they
did not go to bed until the client do so. People don’t realize how many hours’
bodyguard do and quite often they can do 16 or 17 hours a day and don’t get a day
off. However, Newton also clarified that’s not actually a bad thing and it’s actually fairly
accurate. Bodyguard spend a lot of time around people more than with girlfriend,
wife, husband so bodyguard must conduct themselves accordingly.

SIMON NEWTON | The Model Bodyguard | JOSHUA's
Simon Newton with Bella Hadid

A major reason some celebrities hire round-the-clock protection is if they’re
being subjected to a stalker. Sometimes, fans constantly sending people gifts
and seems nice, however they can be frightening to the celebrity as they know
the whereabouts of the celebrity to the extend we even wonder how they knew
the celebrity was there.

Simon was doubling up for the Avengers actor starring alongside Pierce
Brosnan in 2018’s action-packed movie Final Score with Dave Bautista. From
the army to protecting Michael Jackson and now being on the other side of the
camera as an actor himself, Simon’s proved protecting celebrities can go a
long way.

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