The Rights of Crime Victims

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The students of DEC 21B has conducted survey under the subject Introduction to Criminal Justice. Question posed to the respondent which is “How to protect and assist the victim for the case reported to your department”.

5 respondents agreed that having a fair and transparent investigation will assist the victim for the case reported to the police. 4 respondents opined that to ensure the victim safety. 2 respondents opined to keep the victim comfortable.

According to the Rights of Crime Victims – Does Legal Protection Make a Difference written by Dean G.K. et. All, the victim’s right to participate in the process of justice includes being informed about whether anyone was arrested, discussing whether the defendant’s plea to lesser charge should be accepted, being involved in the decision about what sentence should be given.

Crime victims not only need to be notified about events and proceedings in the criminal justice process, they also need to be informed of their legal rights. They need to know, for example, not only that the trial has been scheduled, but also that they have a right to discuss the case with the prosecutor.

A research was conducted by the United States National Center for Victims of Crime. It was found that victims with strong legal protection would have more favorable experiences and greater satisfaction with the system than those from where legal protection is weak.

Based on the survey, we can observed that victims need to be assisted and protected.

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