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Hello everyone! My name is Fatin Nur Hidayah, lecturer from Faculty of Crime and Investigation. A little bit about myself, I graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia in Master of Science (Forensic Science) and Management and Science University in Bachelor of Forensic Science. I had been working as a lecturer in SMART College for over a year now right after graduation, Alhamdulillah.

This week I had been assigned to do a blog takeover for SMART FM and I am really glad to share some of my insights here (Non-academically, of course) so stay tuned till the last period okay. To be frank, I got this idea instantly after I had been told about my turn to blog. Besides my interest in teaching, I am also a film-enthusiast and a food-lover, but I am going to write about films another time. So, for this week’s topic is about FOOD! Yes, you heard (read) me, but this time I am going to bring you readers to virtually having three Meals a day, a tribute to my favourite K-Variety shows but in my style to my favourite local eateries around SMART College.

First meal of the day, Breakfast. Among three meal times, my favourite is definitely breakfast. Breakfast date? I’m in! Breakfast food for dinner? No problem! For breakfast spot, my daily choice is Desa Cafe which is only a few steps away from SMART College. Here, you can find some best local dishes such as the all time favourite Nasi lemak, Chicken Rendang, Lontong and ketupat, Fried noodles, fried rice and also some soft and sugary sweet doughnuts. I usually started my day with good nasi lemak and sunny side egg with Hot Milo. Beauty. Alternate days, I will walk with my breakfast partner, Ms Hakimah to Rejab Corner, for a good Ghee Thosai or Roti Bom and Teh tarik. If American have their own 24-hours diner, we Malaysian have our own Mamak!

Nasi Lemak with Sunny Side egg (Source: Google)

Thosai | Food & Drinks Database | Backpacking Malaysia
Ghee Thosai (Source: Google)

Surrounding SMART College, there are a LOT of lunch eateries that you can choose of. In the mood of spicy food? Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus or Ayam Goreng Kunyit Mat Rock it is. Their fiery sambal will make your tongue numb but they are so addictive, so will end up wanting more. Ayam Gepuk Pak gembus have options for the spiciness level and a beautiful pair with their fried chicken and fresh veggies. Meanwhile, Ayam Goreng Kunyit Mat Rock is basically small cuts chicken breast marinated with flour and turmeric batter, deep fried in hot oil and stir fried with carrots, long beans and onions. They also offered Prawns, Squids and Meat, fry into perfection.

Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus - KL Foodie
Ayam gepuk Pak Gembus (Source: Google)

The Budget on Twitter: "Foodtruck Mat Rock special ayam goreng ...
Ayam goreng Kunyit Mat Rock (Source: Google)

Craving for chicken rice? I got you covered. If you turn right and walking straight to 7 Eleven, you will see by the end of the building , there is a 24 hours laundromat. There, lie a hidden gem as I called it Nasi Ayam Lorong. I love their Roasted chicken Rice and Nasi Tomato and the price are really affordable with a good portion. 5/5 would recommend.

Alley 1001 Chicken Rice - Kampung Pandan - Food Delivery Menu ...
Nasi Ayam Alley 1001 (Source: Google)
Alley 1001 Chicken Rice - Kampung Pandan - Food Delivery Menu ...
Nasi Tomato Alley 1001 (Source: Google)

After a long day at work, my stomach will be growling, demanding to be fed. I will go easy with my dinner and a good burger or pasta is a go. Ramly Burger Kiosk offered many selection of burgers and oblong sets from their signature burger patties which had gone international, compliment with a 5 stars fries and soft drink. For pasta, Hashtag Lapar serves an impressive menu such a classic Carbonara and Bolognese. I can now go back home happily with a full stomach *chef kiss*

Hashtag Lapar Cafe - Comfort Food Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
Burger and Pasta Hashtag Lapar (Source: Google)
Kempen Buy Muslim First Harga Menu Ramly Burger - Travel Blogger ...
Ramly Burger Kiosk Menu (Source: Google)

With that, our food adventure has come to an end. Hopefully we can meet again for another topic next time. Thank you for reading and Stay Safe, stay out of mischief. Ms Fatin, signing off.

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