Tips on drafting effective Standard Operating Procedures [SOP]

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A standard operating procedure (SOP) cane be defines as a document that provides directions and instructions on how teams and members within an organization must go about completing certain processes.

Generally there are three types of Standard Operating Procedures namely:-

a) Step-by-step Format;

b) Hierarchical Format;and

c) Flowchart Format

Below are the general steps to take when writing a standard operating procedure:

  1. An organisation must be able to determine the corporation goals in creating the SOP;
  2. In order for the standard operating procedure, an organisation required to determine the stakeholders and creators which to include who will be responsible for drafting the document;
  3. An organisation also must be able to define the End-User whom will eventually engaging in the procedures;
  4. Another crucial step is for the organisation to determine the scope and format of the SOP as stated above;
  5. Items that should be included in the SOP;
  6. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the SOP, an organisation need to review the review the standard operation procedure;
  7. An organisation need to train the members of the organisation in order to familiarise the SOP;
  8. Test and Tweak the SOP in Practice
  9. Implement SOP—and Revisit Regularly


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