What is Policy & Procedure

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The key differences between a Policy and Procedure - Batalas

What is policy and procedure? Do we need policy and procedure? What is going to happen if we don’t have policy and procedure?

Policy and procedure is a course of principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual. It objective is to protect each of us, our economy, our critical infrastructure and our country from the harm that can result from inadvertent or intentional misuse or destructive system. 

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Policy and procedure will provide direction and structure for us to live in peace and tranquility. What happen to the world if we don’t have any policy and procedure?! We will live in chaos and uncertainty.

For example, every government of the country will have their own policy and procedure to protect its critical infrastructure and its citizen. They have their own public policy for the whole nation of the country. This illustrates that the government must care about the welfare of its people.

Afterall, do we really need policy and procedure in our life?

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